Genymobile Screen Copy

Juste un petit post pour parler de ma découverte du jour : scrcpy !

Un petit outil qui permet de faire du miroir d’écran Android sur son PC via USB (adb).

Pour cela, il suffit simplement de télécharger la dernière version de scrcpy, d’activer le debug USB dans les options développeur de son téléphone et de lancer scrcpy !

C’est magique !

Merci Genymobile, ça peut être bien pratique 🙂


Ansible 2.5 grafana modules


At work, we needed to automatize grafana installation and grafana provisionning (datasources, plugins and dashboards).

So I’ve created 3 new ansible modules that will be released with the next version of ansible 2.5

The first module is grafana_datasource. If you have to create a lot of different datsources for your grafana instance in multiples organisations, I suggest you to use it.

with a single ansible task, you can create all your datasources. For example if I want to create multiple datasources :

 - name: create elasticsearch datasource
     name: "{{ }}"
     grafana_url: "{{ grafana_url }}"
     grafana_user: "{{ grafana_user }}"
     grafana_password: "{{ grafana_password }}"
     ds_type: "{{ item.type }}"
     url: "{{ item.url }}"
     database: "{{ item.database }}"
     basic_auth_user: "{{ item.basic_auth_user | default('') }}"
     basic_auth_password: "{{ item.basic_auth_password | default('') }}"
     esVersion: "{{ item.es_version | default(5) }}"
     time_field": "{{ item.time_field | default('@timestamp') }}"
     state: present
  with_items: "{{ grafana_datasources }}"

where the grafana_datasources variable is :

  - name: "es_index1"
    ds_type: "elasticsearch"
    url: ""
    database: "index_[]"
    basic_auth_user: "grafana"
    basic_auth_password: "{{ grafana_es_password }}"
    es_version: 56
  - name: "influxdb"
    ds_type: "influxdb"
    url: ""
    database: "telegraf"


The second module is grafana_plugin. With this one, you can automate the installation and the upgrade of all your grafana plugins. For example :

 - name: install - update Grafana piechart panel plugin
     name: grafana-piechart-panel
     version: latest

And the last one is grafana_dashboard. This one is very great because it allow you to import or backup all your existing dashboards.

  - name: import grafana dashboard foo
     grafana_api_key: XXXXXXXXXXXX
     state: present
     message: "updated by ansible"
     overwrite: true
     path: /path/to/dashboards/foo.json

 - name: export dashboard
     grafana_api_key: XXXXXXXXXXXX
     state: export
     slug: foo
     path: /path/to/dashboards/foo.json

Hope thoses new ansible modules will be usefull for someone 🙂

If you have some suggestion of missing feature in this modules, you can comment in this article or make a pull requests in ansible github repo.