k3sup : Kubernetes cluster with k3s in a minute

k3sup : Kubernetes cluster with k3s in a minute

2024-01-25 0 Par seuf
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Hey ! You want to deploy a kubernetes cluster easily ? You don’t want to use an expensive cloud managed solution ? You don’t want to read kubernetes the hard way to have a production ready cluster ?

Let’s deploy a k3s cluster with k3sup !

K3SUP Installation

First download the latest release of k3sup from the release page on github. Then move it to your binary folder

curl -sLS https://get.k3sup.dev | sh
sudo install k3sup /usr/local/bin/

K3S Cluster Deployment

Now you have k3Sup installed, you can install k3s nodes easily.

k3sup use ssh to install and configure k3s on you remote hosts, so you need to configure your ssh keys before. Then you can use k3sup !

  • install a « server » node :
k3sup install --host <server hostname or IP> --k3s-extra-args '---disable traefik --node-label foo=bar'
  • Join a « agent » node :
k3sup join --server-host <ip of the server> --host <ip of the agent> --k3s-extra-args '--node-label foo=baz'

Now you have a kubeconfig ready to use to deploy everything !

For information, this blog is deployed with k3sup on 2 raspberrypi nodes (pi4 and pi5) 😎