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How to migrate from ansible vault to hashicorp vault

Ansible Vault Today, all our project passwords are stored in ansible vault files, on file per environnement, stored in a « passwords » directory They are loaded at the beginning of the main playbook : — – hosts: all:!localhost any_errors_fatal: true gather_facts: true pre_tasks: – include_vars: password/password_{{ env }}.yml connection: local no_log: True tags: – password -…

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Ansible Mitogen

Today I discovered a new ansible strategy module that increase ansible performance a lot : Ansible Mitogen. Mitogen is a python library for writing distributed self-replicating programs. You can read a great article about this here : After some benchmark, I confirm : Mitogen is very fast ! I’ve divised my deployment by 2…

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Ansible 2.5 grafana modules

  At work, we needed to automatize grafana installation and grafana provisionning (datasources, plugins and dashboards). So I’ve created 3 new ansible modules that will be released with the next version of ansible 2.5 The first module is grafana_datasource. If you have to create a lot of different datsources for your grafana instance in multiples…

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