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Kubernetes is a very powerful tool to manage containerized applications. You can manage containers with « pod » resource, lifecycle with « deployment » resource, network with « service » and « ingress » resources, etc.. And if you want, you can extends the list of resources that kubernetes can handle with custom resources definitions. Then those CRDs will be managed by an…

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Since we have migrated all our application deployment to Kubernetes, we needed to automatize the deployment of each application for different environments (integration and production). By default kubectl files are not really customizable. That’s why we choose Kustomize to deploy our apps. And now Kustomize is part of kubectl binary. You can just put your…

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Ansible AWX in Kubernetes

AWX Since one year now, Red Hat open sourced Tower as AWX, the Web UI to deploy with Ansible. Awx allow you to manage all your Ansible projects, with inventories, encrypted credentials, playbooks, etc, in a great Web UI. For example, you can create in AWX multiple credentials which are encrypted into Awx database to…

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