Meetup Docker Monitoring Lyon

Avec Rachid du Meetup Docker Lyon, on organise un co-meetup Docker / Monitoring à Lyon ! Au programme : Présentation de la solution Instana , par Alexandre Mechain , Solution Engineer chez Instana Monitoring kubernetes avec prometheus en HA (Thanos), le tout déployé avec terraform par moi même ! Ça se passe le 24 septembre…

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Ansible AWX in Kubernetes

AWX Since one year now, Red Hat open sourced Tower as AWX, the Web UI to deploy with Ansible. Awx allow you to manage all your Ansible projects, with inventories, encrypted credentials, playbooks, etc, in a great Web UI. For example, you can create in AWX multiple credentials which are encrypted into Awx database to…

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How to migrate from ansible vault to hashicorp vault

Ansible Vault Today, all our project passwords are stored in ansible vault files, on file per environnement, stored in a « passwords » directory They are loaded at the beginning of the main playbook : — – hosts: all:!localhost any_errors_fatal: true gather_facts: true pre_tasks: – include_vars: password/password_{{ env }}.yml connection: local no_log: True tags: – password -…

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Ansible Mitogen

Today I discovered a new ansible strategy module that increase ansible performance a lot : Ansible Mitogen. Mitogen is a python library for writing distributed self-replicating programs. You can read a great article about this here : After some benchmark, I confirm : Mitogen is very fast ! I’ve divised my deployment by 2…

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Prometheus : Monitor docker services with grafana

Here is a little tutorial to setup Prometheus monitoring for a local docker daemon and host metrics with docker-compose and : prometheus node exporter for system metrics cadvisor for docker metrics First create a prometheus.yml config file like this : global: alerting: alertmanagers: – static_configs: – targets: # – alertmanager:9093 rule_files: # – « first_rules.yml » #…

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Genymobile Screen Copy

Juste un petit post pour parler de ma découverte du jour : scrcpy ! Un petit outil qui permet de faire du miroir d’écran Android sur son PC via USB (adb). Pour cela, il suffit simplement de télécharger la dernière version de scrcpy, d’activer le debug USB dans les options développeur de son téléphone…

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Ansible 2.5 grafana modules

  At work, we needed to automatize grafana installation and grafana provisionning (datasources, plugins and dashboards). So I’ve created 3 new ansible modules that will be released with the next version of ansible 2.5 The first module is grafana_datasource. If you have to create a lot of different datsources for your grafana instance in multiples…

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Meetup Grafana Lyon n°2

Hello ! Un petit poste pour annoncer le second Meetup Grafana Lyon. Celui-ci aura lieu le jeudi 14 décembre à L’antidote Pub, à Vieux Lyon. Au programme : Les dernière nouveautés Grafana Automatisation avec Ansible (nouveaux modules grafana_plugin et grafana_dashboard) De la bière et des chips !

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HAPROXY : client certificate validation

Today at the office, the security team ask me to secure our reverse proxy by adding a client certificate validation to only trust the client host CN. So here is my method to verify the client certificate CN according to the expected one : frontend frontend_foo mode tcp bind *:443 ssl crt /etc/ssl/certs/ ca-file /etc/ssl/certs/autorite_chain_haproxy.pem…

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