Ansible 2.5 grafana modules

  At work, we needed to automatize grafana installation and grafana provisionning (datasources, plugins and dashboards). So I’ve created 3 new ansible modules that will be released with the next version of ansible 2.5 The first module is grafana_datasource. If you have to create a lot of different datsources for your grafana instance in multiples…

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Meetup Grafana Lyon n°2

Hello ! Un petit poste pour annoncer le second Meetup Grafana Lyon. Celui-ci aura lieu le jeudi 14 décembre à L’antidote Pub, à Vieux Lyon. Au programme : Les dernière nouveautés Grafana Automatisation avec Ansible (nouveaux modules grafana_plugin et grafana_dashboard) De la bière et des chips !

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HAPROXY : client certificate validation

Today at the office, the security team ask me to secure our reverse proxy by adding a client certificate validation to only trust the client host CN. So here is my method to verify the client certificate CN according to the expected one : frontend frontend_foo mode tcp bind *:443 ssl crt /etc/ssl/certs/ ca-file /etc/ssl/certs/autorite_chain_haproxy.pem…

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Marcus Bière

Aperogeek c’est de l’actu Geek, mais aussi de l’actu Bières ! Du coup je vais vous présenter aujourd’hui une brasserie que j’aprécie particulièrement : Marcus Bière, la bière de la drôme ! Situé dans le petit village de Saou au coeur de la drôme, Marcus Bière est une brasserie artisanale qui fait de la super…

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Meetup Grafana Lyon

J’ai créé le groupe Meetup Grafana Lyon, et je compte organiser un premier meetup Grafana prochainement ! Le rendez vous est fixé au mardi 12 Septembre dans un pub que je connais bien : L’antidote ^_^’   Au niveau des présentations, il y aura : Automatisation de la gestion des datasources grafana avec un module…

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Kapacitor : Alerting for your timeseries

I already talk about monitoring docker with Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana. It’s nice, we have pretty dashboards, but it doesn’t do alerting ! Unless you sit in front of your screen all the day, you will not be warned when a container is crashing or when a friend connect on your Teamspeak channel ! Fortunaletly,…

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Zabbix – Send alerts to Slack

Today I’ve configured my Zabbix Server to automatically send alerts to the #alerting channel of my slack team. To to this, you have to create un new Incoming WebHook in your slack Team. Click on your team, select App and Integration. Search for Incoming Webhook Click « Add a configuration » Configure the webhook with the default…

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Monitoring Docker with Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana

A small post to talk about telegraf and influxdb (aka Tick Stack, without Chronograf and Kapacitor) Telegraf Telegraf is a metrics collect tool written in Go which can collect system metrics like cpu, memory disk, and also application metrics (apache, nginx, elasticsearch, jmx, etc..) Telegraf collect metrics from « input » plugins, parse it to the correct…

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Jenkins : One Jobs to Create them All [EN]

Today, I will talk about a Jenkins plugin called  « Jenkins Job DSL. » It’a a plugin that allow you to create jenkins jobs from a jenkins job ! You just have to create a grovvy script to describe your job. Install the Job DSL Plugin on Jenkins To install the plugin, download the latest release here,…

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